Senior Infants

Wednesday 18th April
Dear Parents,

Welcome to the last term of the school year! It’s hard to believe how quickly it goes! Just a few updates as we head into the Summer term.

Over the next few months we will be focusing on writing skills. From next week, the children will be getting a homework copy home. Each week they will be given 4 words from their tricky words list to put into sentences. They will have one word per night to write a sentence on. Please encourage them to be creative with their sentences and remind them re capital letter at the beginning and full-stop at the end. Encourage them to make an attempt at spelling words.
Please also continue to practice their ‘alternative’ sounds at the back of their blue Word’s Book.

We will have P.E on Mondays so please ensure the children have a school tracksuit and runners on.

End of Year Plays
For our end of year performance the class will be doing the play …………………..Chicken Licken!! All children have a role in the play and I will be sending home each child’s ‘lines’ this week. Please keep these in their folders and practice with them as much as possible.
Also, for this play we will need some costumes. If anyone happens to have costumes or props for the following characters that they wouldn’t mind lending us for the play could they please send me a note. (Chicken/Hen, Fox, Duck, Goose, Turkey). It would be greatly appreciated.

School Tour
Our school tour this year will take place on Friday 1st June in Newgrange Farm.There will be more information sent home closer to the time.

As always, if there is anything else that crops us please do not hesitate to pop me a note or arrange a meeting.

Many thanks
Mrs Brennan 🙂

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Photos from the Céilí dancing and flag making in school this week. Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

Grandparents Day 2018

What a lovely morning we had meeting all the grandparents. Thank you so much to everyone for coming and making such a fantastic morning for the children!

Wednesday 31st January

Dear parents,
Just a reminder that we finish at 12 p.m sharp this Monday 5th February. As a result tennis on that day has been cancelled and will be re-commence the following Monday 12th. Could you please ensure that your child is collected promptly on Monday.

Grandparents Day
As most of you are aware we are celebrating grandparents day in the school this Friday from 10 am. Could you please let myself or the school office know if there will be any grandparents from your family attending.

Kind regards
Mrs Brennan

Working together during Maths time!

Monday 29th January

Firstly I would like to say a belated Happy New Year to everyone and apologies for not updating this page sooner! Just a few short messages as we start into the New Year together!

As most of you the children have been doing Tennis lessons for the past few weeks. This term of Tennis will run for another 3 weeks so if you could ensure your child wear a school tracksuit and runners for the next 3 weeks.

Over the next few weeks I will be putting alternative spellings into the children’s ‘Word Book’. This week I will I be putting in ”ue” words. Please take some time to revise these new words as well as previous alternative sounds every night.
Also, when reading with your child, please encourage them to pause at full stops and commas and to use expression in their voice when reading sentences in speech marks. This will help them to understand the text more and make reading more enjoyable!

Thank you so much for your support.
Mrs Brennan

Getting fit with Operation Transformation 10@10!

Welcome to our Senior Infant Page 🙂

19th December 2017

Christmas Week

Hi all,

Just a few updates for the last week of school before the Christmas Holidays.

There is no homework this week for Senior Infants as they have been working so hard all year (Hurray!!)

Wednesday, December 20th: Our school concert is on tomorrow, Wednesday 20th at 1 pm sharp. Senior Infants have been working really hard on their play. You’re in for a real treat. We hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, December 21st: We are having a Christmas party on Thursday. Pupils may bring in a small treat. I will be bringing in a few treats myself. Please advise if your child has any allergies.

Friday, December 22nd: Pupils may wear a Christmas Jumper on Friday if they wish. School will be finishing at 12 pm sharp!!

Story Telling: We were privileged last Friday to have a visit from Brenda who read a beautiful story about Christmas.

Kindest Regards,

Mrs Clinton

30th November 2017

Christmas Play

Senior Infants will be doing a short version of the play ‘Newsflash’ for our Christmas concert, which will be held at 1pm on the 20th of December. Many thanks to all of you who have gone over your child’s lines so far. It is incredible how well they know them.

In relation to costumes we are going to try and keep it as simple as possible. Please don’t be worrying about trying to get specific items.

If you’re child is an angel/ angel newsreader they can wear white clothes with a halo/ wings if they wish.

Narrators and readers: we are going for a news press look: pupils can wear their white polo neck t-shirts (or a white shirt in general), with their navy P.E tracksuit bottoms, a tie of any sort and a trilby style hat (see pic below). 

The conductor: shirt, tie/dicky bow, waistcoat,hat.

Please do not worry about trying to get costumes. Anything as close to what I mentioned will do.

I have a few hats for newsreaders  and narrators but not enough for everyone.  You can find these hats on the following websites:

Any of the pound shops or Tesco are also quite good for picking up items for plays.

If you have any queries or questions, please send them into me and I will do my best to get back to you.

Thanking you all in advance,

H Clinton

27th November 2017

Science Week took place from the 12th -19th November.  Pupils in senior infants had great fun experimenting, exploring & predicting.  We learned about magnetism, floating & sinking, waterproof materials and forces.  It was a great day had by all.

10th November 2017

Hi Everyone,

A very warm welcome back to all the family and friends of Senior Infants!! I hope you all had a lovely mid term break. It won’t be long now until Christmas ….I won’t say how many days 🙂

As always I have a few small updates:

Parent Teacher Meeting: I have sent home a note today in the homework folders. Can you please respond to the note ASAP so I can arrange a time and date with you. Looking forward to meeting you all soon.

Christmas Concert: Our annual Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday 20th December at 1pm for pupils in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st Class. I will sending home in the folders this week your child’s lines that they will have to learn for the play.  Can you please go over this with them and encourage expression and enthusiasm.

Recycled Decorations: Every year we encourage pupils to make a recycled Christmas tree decoration to be displayed on the Christmas trees in the school. Please ensure your child’s name is on theirs.  The deadline for bringing in the decoration is Friday 24th November. Decorations may be brought in before this date also.

P.E.: This term pupils will be taking part in FitKids. Please ensure your child is wearing their PE tracksuit every Tuesday this term.  Here are some photos of FitKids from this week:


27th October 2017                     HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Pupils had an amazing day from start to finish. We started our day with a spooky walk to the park and spent time in the playground.  This was followed by electrifying science experiments.  We made ghosts fly through static electricity!!!!  We read stories about Winnie the Witch and The Night before Halloween.  Finally we had a wee party before home time.  Have a look at our spooktacular day…….

Mrs Clinton



26th October 2017

Just a few updates before the Halloween mid term break!

Maths Week: Pupils had great fun during maths week (16th-20th October). They got to buddy up with 6th Class and engage in a variety of maths activities.

Story Telling: Pupils were privileged to have had a visit from Brenda our storyteller. We truly enjoyed hearing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk today.

Homework: My sincere apologies written homework was not dated for last night & tonight.  If you continued on Thank you & if you didn’t- don’t worry!! Also we did not do reading the past two mornings as we were assessing tricky words & sounds (results to be sent home tomorrow).  Please revise any sounds and/ or tricky words your child is having difficulty with.

Finally, tomorrow we will be having our spooky walk ( weather permitting). Pupils are encouraged to dress up.  Pupils can also bring in a small treat for the afternoon ( I will bring in a few small treats myself for the class).

Stay tuned to see some spooktacular pictures tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!!

Mrs Clinton

18th October 2017

Hi all!!

Just a few updates:

Homework: Pupils have been given three new tricky words to learn: Once, Upon and always. Please go over these words with your child as part of their homework.  I have also put in the alternative spelling for the ‘ee’ sound (ea) and the words to practice and be familiar with in their words books.

Show & Tell: I am continuing show & tell this year with the class. Please ensure that your child can talk about what they are bringing in for at least two minutes. Please practice in advance with them. I have given each group a certain day for show and tell. If they don’t get to do their show and tell on that day we will carry it over onto the next day. Show and tell is an important oral language activity that helps promote self esteem, confidence and social skills. Some weeks I will give pupils a certain theme to encourage them to bring in a variety of items to talk about and to broaden their language. This week I told pupils they can bring in something associated with Halloween: It can be a photograph from a previous Halloween, small pumpkin, prop from a costume etc..

Many Thanks,

Mrs Clinton 🙂

3rd October 2017

Just a small update in relation to homework:

Please note due to a special birthday celebration today Mrs Lawless gave all the boys and girls no homework!!!!!

From tomorrow you will notice alternative spellings for the ‘ai’ sound in their words book. Please go over these words and highlight the alternative spelling of the ‘ai’ sound in the words.  I will be also adding new tricky words so please watch out for these over the next few days also. Please practice the old tricky words from last year along with the new ones I will be adding.

Many Thanks,

Mrs Clinton

3rd October 2017
Lá breithe shona duit (Happy Birthday!) to our school principal, Mrs Lawless. We had a surprise assembly for her this morning and every class performed a song, poem or drama sketch. Here is the Senior Infant contribution. They were amazing!


29th September 2017

Hello all, it’s hard to believe we’ve finished the first month of school already.We had  a very busy first month back at school. Here are a few highlights from the past week:

Autumn walk:

Senior infants along with Junior infants made the most of the beautiful autumn weather yesterday by taking a trip to the local park. We were looking out for signs of autumn (as well as having lots of fun in the playground ) Here are some pictures of our autumn adventure:

The Five Senses:

Last week, senior infants were learning about the five senses. We decided to take a senses walk around the school using our sense of sight, hearing, touch and smell. We learned alot more about our school environment by using more than just our sense of sight. Here are some pictures from our senses walk.

Pupils were treated to popcorn to explore the use of all their five senses!! Have a look at their experimentation:

Biodiversity & St. Francis Day:

The school will be celebrating biodiversity and St. Francis Day (who is the patron saint of our school) next Wednesday, 4th October. Pupils are invited to dress up according to the theme ‘We are Busy Bees for Biodiversity’. They can wear green, dress up as insects, birds, butterflies, rainbows, rainbow colors or t shirts with environmental slogans. Please pack a picnic lunch for your child to take to the park (weather permitting).  Try and include some biodiversity food (apples, berries, jam, juice).


20th September 2017

Hi all, another few small updates:

After school clubs: Please could I ask that if your child is going to an after school club that you let them know that they are going and/or let me know also. If your child is not participating in any after school clubs can you please ensure they are aware of this and that there is someone there to collect them at home time.

P.E: PE is continuing every Tuesday morning. We are currently doing gymnastics. Pupils are learning how to move in different directions, stretching, balance and coordination.  Have a look for yourself:

Maths: Pupils are having great fun doing maths activities involving number recognition, number bonds and patterns. Here are a few pictures of their hard work and fun 🙂


19th September 2017

Dia Daoibh!

I hope everyone (parents, guardians and pupils) have settled back into the new school year with ease.  Just a few small updates:

Speech and Drama
We have speech and drama every Wednesday and the children are learning poems. I have sent home this weeks poem in your child’s folder which is ‘The Furry Home’. Please practice this poem at home as part of homework.  Pupils may decorate the poem with pictures.


I will be sending home library books this week. Library books are to be enjoyed by pupils. There is no rush in reading these books. Please sign accompanying sheet so I know the book is read & we’ll swap it for a new one.

Is mise le meas,

Mrs Clinton 🙂

11th September 2017

Hi all!!

Just a few updates:

PE: We started FitKids last Tuesday, however, Niall won’t be able to continue FitKids with us until after Halloween.  I will continue doing PE with the class on a Tuesday so there’s no confusion as to what day they need to wear their school tracksuits. 🙂

We did a tricky word and sounds assessment with the pupils last week. I will be sending home their assessments this week. Please go over any tricky words/sounds marked with a question mark.  It is very important that you keep revising their tricky words and sounds as we’ll be adding more to them this year.

Here are a few pictures of FitKids from last week.

1st September 2017

I want to take this opportunity to welcome back all the wonderful Senior Infants and to say a very warm welcome to all the family and friends of  Senior Infants.

Just a few reminders for all parents:

Please ensure your child’s folder can fit in their school bags and that they are able to open and close all lunch boxes and drink bottles themselves. Please also peel pieces of fruit or have them pre-chopped so it is easier for your child to eat in the short break that we have. Please be wary of frubes as many pupils struggle to open them.

Please label ALL belongings: jumpers, drink bottles, lunch boxes, coats, etc.

Folders: I will be giving back out the Homework folders on Monday.  In the folder I have put in their sounds book, Tricky words book, Word Lists book, English workbook and their contribution card.

For Homework I would appreciate it if you would revise sounds, tricky words and their word lists over the next few weeks.  Pupils will also complete one page of their English/ Maths workbooks on alternative days. The pages will be dated at the top so please only allow your child to complete the correct pages on the correct day.

Homework for Senior Infants should take no longer than 15 minutes and will be a revision of work completed in school.

Please keep your child’s folder in their school bag at all times. Notes will continue to be sent home in the folders e.g. Milk notes etc.

Contribution cards should remain in the folder throughout the year and stickers will be added to acknowledge payment but please remove all other notes as they come home throughout the year.

I will update this page regularly which will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper I tend to use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time ????

Please find below a few pictures from during the week as pupils settled back into Senior Infants.

Mrs Clinton