Senior Infants

Wed 5th September

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all the children as they begin Senior Infants. So far everyone has settled back in very well and is enjoying the return to school! I will update this page regularly throughout the year.

P.E will be on Tuesdays this term as the class start Fit Kids. I will let you know if this day changes throughout the year but for now tracksuits and runners on a Tuesday please.

If your child is absent for any reason this year, please let me know via a note so that I can keep a record. Unfortunately I cannot take a message through the children, so a note will be required.

All books, copies and folders have been labelled for the children as they start this year. PLEASE label all of the children’s belongings especially jumpers. It takes a considerable amount of time to match up lost jumpers with their owners 🙂

The children re-commenced their reading homework this week. Please ensure you hear their reading every day and sign once heard. Spending the time to do this brings on their reading fluency greatly.
As well as their reader, the children will also get an opportunity to choose a library book and bring it home. They can read this at their own leisure and change it at their own pace. It can be a lovely idea to read this book together at bedtime.
The children will also complete one page of Maths homework every night. I will date the top of the page every night.

Just to recap homework:
Individual reading: Every night
Maths homework: One page per night
Library book: Change as often as finished
Tricky Words: Once a week

Thank you for all your support as we start on a new year! I really hope the children will enjoy this year. I am looking forward to get to know each of the children better as the year goes on. If there is anything that crops up as the year goes on please do not hesitate to contact me via phone call, note or at the gate at collection.

Many thanks
Mrs O’Connell 🙂