Junior Infants

Wednesday 22nd February

Speech and Drama Poem to be learned this week and next week as part of homework

By A.A. Milne

She wore her yellow sun bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
and curtised up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
and shook her yellow head,
and whispered to her neighbour:
“Winter is dead”

Tuesday 6th February

Photos of Grandparents Day to follow πŸ™‚

Some more photos of the children enjoying their tennis lessons. They are getting really good πŸ™‚

Some of our beautiful work and displays

Thursday 25th January

Hi, sorry it took so long but here are some of the photos to show you all how we are getting on in Junior Infants. Have a look. More photos and updates to follow πŸ™‚

The children are really enjoying their tennis lessons πŸ™‚

Practising our numbers on our whiteboards

Morning activities and free play πŸ™‚

Christmas decorations and Christmas

Biodiversity Day


Maths Week

Mixing colours using paints

Making patterns

A visit from Trish the Witch at Halloween

Enjoying the seaside garden

Friday 12th January

We will have P.E every Monday fore the next 6 weeks. Please ensure children wear school tracksuit on a Monday as we will have tennis starting this Monday.

Our homework for the next week or two will be Sum Detective. This book will stay in their folder all week and they will complete 1 page per night. Please continue to revise sounds, blending and tricky words every night as this is very important.
From next week on we will put Library books in your child’s folder. Please read these with your child(shared reading). When you have both read the book, signed the sheet and send it back we will then let the children pick a different book. We will not change the book until the parent has signed it.
Any questions please ask.

Miss Kellegher

Wednesday 20th December

Wee update
I would like to say a massive well done to all the boys and girls in junior infants. The play was just brilliant.
As we were fantastic in our play today, we are having a party tomorrow. Children can take a treat to school. I will bring in some treats myself so don’t worry if you can’t get one or you forget.

Monday 11th December

Important updates:

Angel – white dress and silver tinsel
Snowflake – White leggings, white long sleeve top and a white hairband
Shepherd – jeans/bottoms, a shirt, and a tea towel.
Joseph – brown trousers and a shirt
Mary – White and blue dress

Can parents please make sure Children have their costumes in by Wednesday at the latest as we have a dress rehearsal for the school. You can buy or make your child’s costume.

Can you please make sure homework is done every night. Please revise sounds, tricky words and blending. We have started our Christmas assessments this week. When they are finished and scanned they will be put in your child’s folder. Please take these out and revise any unknown sounds/words.

Some pictures of the children in the outdoor classroom

Pictures of the children looking at themselves in mirrors (SPHE Lesson)

Morning activities

Other photos

Tuesday 21st November
Reminder to all parents- We have our Parent/Teacher meetings tomorrow and school will finish at 12pm. Can you please make sure you are there on time to pick your child up as we have meetings starting straight away. I will take Junior Infants out 5 minutes early as the whole school will be coming out at the same time.

Homework – Tomorrow’s homework (Sum Detective) We have skipped a few pages to follow what we are doing in class. We will do our number 2 on pages 32 & 33. I have dated the correct pages.

Miss Kellegher

Friday 10th November

Few updates:

Parent Teacher Meetings
Parent/Teacher meetings will be held on Wednesday the 22nd November. Notes will go home in folders on Monday with your time. If this time does not suit you, please fill it in and suggest a day/date and time that would suit you. I will try my best to accommodate every one. I am available most days after school between 2pm -4pm. If it would suit you to come on an earlier date just let me know and we can arrange something. Please fill in your response and send it back to me asap. Any questions just ask.

Miss Kellegher

We have FitKidz every Tuesday for P.E for the next 4 weeks so please ensure that your children wear their school tracksuit on this day.

Please ensure that children are doing all their homework every night. We have now started our tricky words and we are on our 1st two words..’I’ & ‘the’. We need to revise all the sounds, our word book, our new tricky words and our written homework every night.
Please ensure your children are sliding all letters and sounds together to blend their words. Please practice this every night.

Friday 13th October

Few notes and updates:
We half a half day Monday and will finish school at 12pm. Please be on time to collect your child as we have a meeting after school. I will take the infants out at 11:55 before the older classes come out.

Lunches/coats and schoolbags
Please ensure your child can fit all items into their schoolbag and are able to pack/unpack it themselves.

Please make sure that your child can open/unwrap all items in their lunchbox themselves.

We are not to take frubes into school as the children cannot open them themselves and we have had a lot of spillages and accidents with frubes.

Speech and Drama poem to be learned for the next 2 weeks:

Night Fright
By Marian Swinger

My hair stood on end
and I trembled with fright
When I heard a strange noise
on the stairs in the night.
“CREAK”, it went.
“EEK”, I went.
What should I do?
Then my brother
leaped into my room
and yelled. “BOO!”

We will have P.E every Monday for the next few weeks so please make sure we are wearing our school tracksuits on a Monday.

Any questions feel free to ask
Miss Kellegher

Tuesday 3rd October 2017

LΓ‘ breithe shona duit (Happy Birthday!) to our school principal, Mrs Lawless. We had a surprise assembly for her this morning and every class performed a song, poem or drama sketch. Here is the Junior Infant contribution. They were amazing!



Wednesday 27th September

Few more updates:
Can Parents please return the MMR Vaccine forms asap.
Anyone who has not took in a t-shirt for painting please do so.
Can we make sure all items are labeled.
Can you please make sure your child’s bottle is closed properly as we have had a few spillages.

Speech and Drama Poem to be learned this week:
So What!
By Colin Mc Naughton

If I still have a dummy, so what!
If I cuddle my mummy, so what!
I’ll stop when I’m ready,
And as for my teddy,
If he helps me to sleep, then SO WHAT!

Have a look at what we were doing over the last few weeks πŸ™‚

We visited the outdoor classroom

Morning Activities πŸ™‚

Children using mirrors to describe themselves in our ‘This is me’ SPHE lesson πŸ™‚

Some of our beautiful work!!!!

Dress up for our school Calendar πŸ™‚

Thursday 21st September

Hi all, another few small updates:

I sent home notes in children’s homework folders today regarding their 4 in 1 & MMR vaccines. Please read through it and fill in the form.

On the day of Vaccination (Thursday 26th October), pupils are asked to wear short sleeves and loose fitting tops, and to have eaten breakfast. I will remind the pupils the day before. This information is included in the Vaccine Information Packs given to parents.

Parents are not invited to attend school vaccinations. There is no requirement to have a parent present at the time of vaccination.

Thank you,
Miss Kellegher

After school clubs: Please could I ask that if your child is going to an after school club that you let them know that they are going and/or let me know also. If your child is not participating in any after school clubs can you please ensure they are aware of this and that there is someone there to collect them at home time.

Show & Tell

Thursday 14th September

Our lovely class photograph taken by the Democrat

Hello everyone, just wanted to mention a few important things. Please read all notes and comments on this page. Can all parents please make sure their child can take off and put on their own coat. Some children are still having difficulty with this so please practice at home.

Can you practice using scissors with your child at home as this is part of the curriculum and most children need practice with this.

Here are a few photos of Junior infants during morning activities and dancing to GoNoodle πŸ™‚

More photographs to follow soon πŸ™‚

Wednesday 13th September
Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder about a few things.
Can you please ensure that all items are labelled with your child’s name please.
Please ensure that all home work ie.. sounds, songs, and 1 page of writing/matching etc is completed every night.

Speech and Drama
We have speech and drama every Wednesday now and the children are learning poems. I will post the poem on here. Please practice this poem at home as part of homework.

Regarding P.E– We will have Fit-kids for P.E after Halloween as Niall is booked up. I will continue to do P.E every Tuesday until then so please ensure children have school tracksuits on every Tuesday.

This Weeks Poem is:

by ‘Colin Mc Naughton’

Don’t put that potty on your head, Tim.
Don’t put that potty on your head.
It’s not very clean
And you don’t know where it’s been,
So don’t put that potty on your head.

Photographs will be uploaded shortly πŸ™‚

Monday 4th September

Hello everyone and welcome to the Junior Infant page. I will use this page and update it regularly so please keep checking it for updates, notes and photo’s.

Each child has been given their homework folder. Please ensure they take this with them to school every day. We are doing sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, and ‘t’ this week so please revise these with your child. From tomorrow on we will have some written homework also. It will usually be English/handwriting for Monday and Tuesday and then Maths Wednesday and Thursday. The first few weeks will be a little bit different and it will be mostly worksheets. The date will be on top of the worksheet for that night so you will know which one to do. Please ensure all homework is completed and returned to school.

We are getting our school photograph tomorrow morning so please ensure your child is in full uniform.

We are also getting a taster class in P.E (Fitkids) tomorrow morning and then we will pick our 6 week slot. When we confirm the details I will put it up on this page so you know what day we have P.E and what day the children are to wear their school tracksuits etc.

Please spend some time reading the notes on this page as they are important.

Just a few reminders for all parents:

Please ensure your child’s folder can fit in their school bags and that they are able to open and close all lunch boxes and drink bottles themselves. Please also peel pieces of fruit or have them pre-chopped so it is easier for your child to eat in the short break that we have.

Please label ALL belongings: jumpers, drink bottles, lunch boxes, coats, etc.

Please keep your child’s folder in their school bag at all times. Notes were sent home in the folders (Milk note, Contribution cards and Absence notes). Contribution cards can remain in the folder throughout the year and stickers will be added to acknowledge payment but please remove all other notes as they come home throughout the year. It is important this folder is checked every evening as it will contain any notes/homework, etc.

I will send home a note explaining how Jolly Phonics works with the CD. I will be asking for the CD’s to be returned when we finish all our sounds so I have them for the following year but you can keep them out of the folder for now. We will start our ‘Sounds Books’ next week. The sounds will be dated to the end of every week (generally we cover 3 sounds a week) so please only revise them as we cover them with your child. Please do not mark or tick the sounds, the teachers will tick and date them when checked in school. ‘Word books’ will be added as we progress through the sounds to encourage blending the sounds together to build words. Please come and see me if you need any help in understanding this programme. You will notice that your child’s folder (sounds/words,etc) will only be checked every second day but I do ask you to revise the sounds EVERY night.

Homework for Junior Infants should take no longer than 15 minutes and will be a revision of work completed in school. The pages will be dated at the top so please only allow your child to complete the correct pages on the correct day.



This page will be updated regularly and will contain important information regarding events in our classroom. Please keep an eye on it for any updates. We are a green school and to save paper I tend to use this page to update parents rather than sending home notes all the time πŸ™‚

Thank you all very much for your co-operation. Miss Kellegher πŸ™‚