2nd Class

Welcome to Second Class!

Welcome back! I’m sure we are all settled back in and excited for the year ahead. All important information will be posted here so please check in from time to time.

Miss McCann 🙂


17th April 2018

Paula Kavanagh will be on hand on the 19th May for your child’s 1st Holy Communion.  She will be taking a group photograph at the church and will have a mini studio set up in the school (during the post Communion teas held in school) for those of you that would like the opportunity of having some professional family photographs taken.The souvenir Group Photo will be 5×7 inches in size and will be given to your child as a gift from the Parents Association of St Francis NS.The individual and family portraits taken in the school after the Mass will be as follows:

Option 1   €25 for 1 family sitting plus 1, 5 x 7’’ print.

Option 2  €45 for child portrait, plus family portrait, plus 4, 5 x 7‘’ prints of your choice.

If you wish to order additional prints for family or friends you can do this when you are viewing your portraits in her studio at a later date.If you would like to talk to Paula about your Family Portraits you can call her on 0879036940 or email: pkphotography@eircom.net.


15th January 2018

Grandparents day will be celebrated in class on the 2nd of February from 10am – 11:30am. Could anyone who will be joining us on the day send in a note to let me know so that I can make sure the classroom is prepared to accommodate the correct number of people on the day. Thank you in advance 🙂

11th January 2018

PE: Tennis will begin on Monday 15th January, please ensure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear for the lesson.

PE: Additional PE lesson will take place on Friday, again please ensure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear for the lesson.

9th January 2018

Welcome back everyone!

Here are a few pictures from the festive season.

12th December 2017

Due to the dress rehearsal that is taking place tomorrow for the nativity in school the children are only being asked to revise their lines for the nativity and the songs.

20th November 2017

Spellings have changed to section  two, week 11, page 14 in the Fallon’s Spelling Book.


Monday: cattle, rattle, bottle, little, Bible

Tuesday: apple, middle, circle, become, became

Wednesday: behave, behind, beyond, began, begin

Thursday: because, belong, beware, between, believe


An Luan; te, tine, bainne, leite

An Mairt; duine, páiste, oráiste

An Chéadaoin; bríste, fáinne, ceapaire


14th November 2017


Monday: bunch, lunch, punch, crunch, fork

Tuesday: Cork, stork, busy, future, July

Wednesday: ruler, funeral, once, honey, month

Thursday: Monday, Donegal, London, wonderful, wolf


An Luan; seo cóta, seo bó, seo bróg

An Mairt; seo stól, seo doras, Tá bosca agam.

An Chéadaoin; Tá lón agam., Tá frog agam.

8th November 2017

Sorry about the late post.


Monday: gum, hum, drum, plum gun

Tuesday: bun, punish, finish, runway, tunnel

Wednesday: funny, sunny, fur, sup, supper

Thursday: puppet, club, gutter, mutter, putty


An Luan; bó, stól, cóta

An Mairt; lón, cófra, bábóg

An Chéadaoin; bróg, ag ól

23rd October 2017


From this week on the children will be writing a short paragraph using the 5 words given for homework each night, as well as writing their words out 3 times using the look, cover, write and check technique. The words this week are as follows;

Monday: Halloween, blood, cackle, witch, fright

Tuesday: ghost, haunted. creepy, afraid, bones

Wednesday: black, dark, night, wicked, evil

Thursday: pumpkin, horrible, weird, scared, children 


An Luan; tine, bord, scuab

An Mairt; púca, tinteán, cnónna 

An Chéadaoin; D’ól mé, D’ith mé


18th October 2017


As the children were off Monday and Tuesday the homework will be a little different this week.

Children do not need to do any sentences, they just write out the 5 words 3 times each. Fridays spelling test will only be on those 10 words (No Gaeilge spelling test this week).

Wednesday: Sunday, Dublin, public, study, uncle

Thursday: Thursday, jotter, picnic, slug, plot

Maths homework;

Wednesday – Week 7, Monday and Tuesday

Thursday – Week 7, Wednesday and Thursday


12th October 2017


As the children did such a good job practicing for the mass on Sunday I allowed them to do their maths homework at school today 🙂

All other homework must be completed at home (sentences, spellings, reading and revising all words for tests tomorrow)

Well done everyone 🙂

10th October 2017

Parents are reminded of the Enrolment Mass for all pupils making the sacrement of First Holy Communion, on Sunday at 10am in Blackrock.  Pupils will be seated together at the front of the church and should arrive and be seated by 9.45am.

Please find below a copy of the Mass schedule for the year:









9th October 2017

English wk 6 pg22

Monday; rod, prob, unit, uniform, jog

Tuesday; jogger, frog, togs, fond, pond

Wednesday; upon, golf, concert, monsters, tonsils

Thursday; north, pop, lollipop, crop, sloppy


An Luan; cos, clog, doras

An Mairt; mo, do, frog, bosca

An Chéadaoin; ocht moncaí, gorm

3rd October 2017
Lá breithe shona duit (Happy Birthday!) to our school principal, Mrs Lawless. We had a surprise assembly for her this morning and every class performed a song, poem or drama sketch. Here is the 2nd Class contribution. They were amazing!

2nd October 2017


Monday; slim, swim, trim, chimney, pit

Tuesday; wit, quit, quiz, gift, lift

Wednesday; left, soft, baby, lady, navy

Thursday; gravy, tidy, tiny, burn, turn


An Luan; bád, bán, clár

An Mairt; cáca, mála, arán

An Chéadaoin; cupán, pláta, práta

18th September 2017

The following note is being sent home tomorrow to parents of all children wishing to make their First Holy Communion next May. The meeting will take place in the school library at 7:00pm sharp on Wednesday the 27th of September.


15th September 2017

Week 3 spellings page 21

Monday; hem, stem, level, peg, den

Tuesday; wren, penny, step, bet, jet

Wednesday; net, vet, bid, hid, kid,

Thursday; slid, wig, twig, nib, crib


The PE timetable has been finalised, we will now have PE on Tuesday afternoons.

12th September 2017


Maths: Work It Out

This will be completed each night (Mon -Thurs), we are currently on week 2.


A homework checklist (see below) has been stuck into the front of each child’s homework copy to ensure that the children are getting the best out of the time that they are spending on their sentences. Please encourage your children to use this tool as it will help them to improve the standard of their writing.


The children are writing the words out 3 times using the look, cover, write and check technique to help them to learn the spellings. These spellings can be found in the Fallons Spelling Book, we are currently on section 3 week 2. Each night the children will learn 5 words. The book has broken the words into 5 nights but as we only do homework 4 nights a week we do the first 5 Monday, Second 5 tuesday, and so on.

In addition to this the children are writing a sentence about each of the words.

At the moment we are working on our basic sentence structure and the whole class are aiming to improve their work, this is were the checklist will be helpful so please make use of it.

In the next couple of weeks I hope to move away from sentences and allow the children to write in a number of genres that we will be studying in school.


The children will be have reading to complete each night as part of our whole school reading programme.

Weekly tests:

The children will do a spelling test each Friday along with dictation.


A whole school PE timetable has not yet been finalised as the hall is being used for various activities. A specific day for PE will be given as soon as it has been approved. Until then PE will take place on Thursday this week (weather depending).

First Holy Communion

I am still waiting on a few children to return their signed forms regarding their wish to take part or not to take part in the First Holy Communion. It is essential that all of these forms are returned before I can provide any further information. If you need a new form it can be found by clicking the link on the post from the 6th of September.


6th September 2017
A letter regarding First Holy Communion has been sent home to all 2nd Class pupils.
I would be grateful if all parents, regardless of wether their child is participating in First Holy Communion, could sign and return the form to me by return.
Please click here to download a copy of the letter.
Many thanks for your co-operation.