1st Class


The children in First class completed a whole class project this week on the Presidential General Election 2018. Well done children!! 🙂



Halloween and Autumn Art

The children in First class loved experimenting with Autumn leaves during Art this month. They designed their very own animal with their leaves for our SESE classroom wall display.  Maith sibh a phaistí.  🙂

Thank you Claudia for taking in a birds nest that you found in your Granny’s garden. We would love to use this for our nature display. Go raibh maith agat! 🙂



A big thank you to Layla and her kind uncle for sending in a wasp’s nest for Layla to show and tell during our Science lesson this week.                                                                                                                                                

































































Food Dudes 2018/Healthy Eating Programme

At lunchtime the children have been so brave in trying lots of new types of fruit and vegetables for the first time.


















Self-directed Learning Zone




Dear parents/guardians,


Welcome back to a new school year. It will be a busy one but a fun and enjoyable one also. There is quite a significant jump from the infant curriculum into the First Class curriculum. Homework will increase slightly and the children will have more written homework. September is a real learning curve for both parents and children but please do not worry!


Homework guidelines:


Spellings: Fallon’s spelling book; Each week the children will have a full week of spellings. E.g. The children have pg. 3 (Week 1) this week (20 spellings in total/5 each night). Your child will have a spelling and tables test every Friday.


Tables: Each week your child will have a list of tables to learn for Friday’s test. E.g. This week the children will have + 1.


Maths: Work it Out (WIO) will be given each night. Please complete only the assigned homework (Do not move on ahead) .


English: The children will be required to complete 5 or more sentences each night based on their spellings for the week. It will be a reinforcement for their learning. E.g. Monday night’s spellings (bad, Dad, had, lad and mad). The bad dog put a hole in the shoe.

Please note that the children in First Class are beginning to zone in on their handwriting skills (cursive writing). Please be patient with this. It will develop over the year gradually.


Please spend time at your child’s assigned reading every night to build confidence and fluency.


A spelling’s list is included in your child’s folder for reading only. The children will learn these words/sounds in school each week.


PE will take place on Tuesday’s from September 11th. Please ensure that your child has the correct clothing on these days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a note in your child’s journal or make an appointment to see me.


Kind regards,


Ms. Burns