6th Class

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Welcome to our 6th Class page! We will be using this page to keep you updated on the learning taking place and also as a way to share any information with you.

9th October

Artist of the month

This month, we have been learning about Andy Warhol, his creative techniques and designs. Last week, we focused on pop art and drew our own 3D designs.



SESE history project about Blackrock

6th Class have worked extremely hard on their local history project. They have researched and explored the history of our village, learning some amazing facts from over the years. After the projects were completed, they presented to the class. Everyone spoke extremely well and did so with such confidence. Well done everyone! ūüôā


3rd October 

Our writing based on the novel Wonder. 

This term, we have been reading the novel Wonder and have based lots of writing on the story. This week, we have been focusing on descriptive writing and have written in full detail about Jack and Auggie’s first time up Skeleton Hill, where they brought their sledges. We hope you enjoy reading our writing – Rosa, Charlotte & Anne.

Skeleton Hill by Micah 

As I tugged my ride to the top of the hill, my feet stepped through the icy snow,making a crunch. Step by step, I looked around at the falling snow as far as I could see into the horizon. With a cool breeze whipping into my face, I thought this was going to epic! Nearing the top, I peaked over the summit and thought different to before; maybe this was going to be scary afterall. Mounting the sledge, I thought this was it!

As I dropped down the hill, like a speeding car gliding through the snow, the icy wind zoomed past like a bullet and the adenaline rushed through me. As I started pulling the string to steer, the pinecone aroma drifted into my nose. Closer to the bottom, I tugged the string back and slowed down, hoping to come to a halt at the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom, the snow on my face changed into water. I looked up at what I had just done with adenaline still racing through me. I just stood there, thinking about what I had just accomplished. That was epic! I started tracing my steps back up the hill for a long day of fun.

Skeleton Hill by Tara 

I pulled my old, plastic, run down sledge up to the top of Skeleton Hill.¬† Over the soft thin layer of snow, I could feel the sharp, delicate snow flakes brush against my rosey red cheeks. Me and my brother placed our sledges on to the snow and let a few kids pass us as we waited for dad to hurry up! Jamie and I sat on our sledges and took a deep breath, hoping that this wouldn’t be as scary as it looked. Swoosh – Jamie and I giggled the whole way down to the bottom.

Feeling exhausted, we dragged our sledges back up to where dad was waiting patiently. We were ready to go again! As we flew down the hill for a second time,  I went numb a little on my face. I could hear the echo of the kids giggling and saw Jamie in the distance ahead. I was daydreaming in a way, but still paying attention to what I was doing. Snow dust hit my face like a fan as the ride came to a stop.

” Whoohoo!” Jamie and I shouted loudly! I tried to stand up, but I had pins and needles. I trembled to my knees. Finally,¬† after about five minutes of trying to get back on my feet, I was standing up. My legs were like jelly as I trotted over the crunch of ice.

25th September

Stay Safe programme 

Part of our SPHE programme involves  the Stay safe programme, where  children will be learning, through a range of scenarios and discussions, about a variety of topics. Topics cover a range of situations, including ensuring children know how to keep themselves safe, stranger danger and bullying. Please be aware that sometimes children may come home with sheets which they will have to complete for their homework.

Please see the link below, which provides parents with information regarding the programme and what it involves throughout each topic. If you have any queries or questions regarding the programme or the topics being covered, please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me ūüôā



21st September

Speech & Drama

This week, we started our Speech and Drama sessions, which will be taking place every Wednesday afternoon. This week, the children started to explore the poem ‘Remember Me’ by Ray Maher. The children have been given some of this poem for next week, please remind them to learn it.


10th September

We have had a great start to the year with lots of hard work. We have started to read our first class novel of the year: Wonder and we are all thoroughly enjoying it. We have done some amazing art based around the novel and some of the main characters.